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Welcome to Borås Aikido Club!

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Many want to start training aikido. We have therefor put together a FAQ. If you have more questions don’t hesitate to send an email to!

  • When can I start? Do I have to wait until the start of the spring/fall?
    Yes, and no. We usually take in beginners in the begining of each semester (January/August) to keep the groups together so you train with more people at your own level. But send us an email and ask!
  • How often do you train?
    We have training every Tuesday and Thursday. See the schedule here!
  • Which group should I or my child join?
    Vi have a kids and youth group ages 7-12 and a grown-up group for ages 13 and above. On Thursdays we have a mixed group for everybody from age 10 and up!
  • What does it cost?
    To try it out it is 200 kr. That will give you four times to get a feel for aikido and see if it is something for you. If you want to continue you just pay the rest of the training fee for the semester. The reason being you have to be a member to be included in our insurance if something would happen.
  • What is required for me to try out aikido?
    We need some contact information and your Swedish social security number. Please use for children/youths and for adults.
  • Can I pay at the dojo?
    Yes! From now on you can pay on site via swish. We don’t however accept cash in the dojo. You can pre-pay either via swish 123 613 3359 or via bankgiro BG 5963-6019. Write as message ”prova på” plus the social security number for the one who will be training. We also need you to register yourself or your child through our form, see above.
  • Do I have to have a training gi before starting?
    No, t-shirt and soft pants are fine in the beginning. We train barefoot. If you want to later buy a gi you can through the club.
  • I have never trained any martial arts before, is this for me?
    Aikido is for everybody! Old and young of any sex. You don’t have to be in perfect shape before you start or have a six-pack. If you find aikido suits you, great! If not, we can give you hints about other martial arts that might be a better fit.
  • I have trained karate/judo/jyujutsu/[some other martial art] before. Can I start at a higher level, or do I have to start from the beginning?
    In aikido we train for own betterment. We use grades to show your knowledge level, not for prestige. If you have trained something else before you will of course have a benefit for your own understanding.
  • Why should I choose aikido?
    Because it’s fun! It is challenging, and you learn a lot about yourself. Aikido is special by being a martial art that fits everybody. Aikido is created for a non aggressive philosophy, that is to say you don’t attack others (but you can turn their own attack back against them). We therefor don’t train offensive techniques like kicks and strikes, but we learn to redirect the attacks of others.
    Not to mention that you easily recognize aikido from that we train with weapons, and have the best looking pants.
  • I’m interested in training with weapons. How long to I have to wait until I get to try it?
    No time at all. We have weapons training when we want to, even with beginners. Most trainings we don’t train with weapons at all, some trainings we train solely with weapons. However, generally you do need some basic techniques before you get something out of the weapons training. The longer you train the more weapons training there will be.